Galvanised Tubes

F12 thickness 0.8-1.5 mm - used to support plants / Galvanised metal sheet DX 51D Z 275 EN 10327

Hail Protection Netting

• Nets are manufactured with high-density polyethylene yarn
• Stabilisers were added to the raw material, that is substances which add extra resistance to the net, protecting it from weather conditions & especially from ultra violet radiation, the main cause of damage to plastic.
• Nets maintain their initial condition& and are resistant to damage.
• Μade of virgin materials, without flaws or damage.
• They are resistant to temperatures from -20°C to +50°C, to chemical oxidation, to pesticides and other similar substances.
• They are extremely resistant to external pressure and charges (hail, snow)
• The edges and middle of the net are reinforced.
• They weigh around 55+gr and their mechanical strength exceeds 500 GSM (grams per sq metre).
• This netting has a main mesh with additional cross weave stitch-es around measuring 4x7 mm.
• The stabiliser added allows for a longer product life, following the decision of the Hellenic Organisation of National Insurance (ELGA that is around six years and according to the use made).

General Accessories

GRIPPLE & Arcerol Mittal

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